Welcome to Team 2a!

It was sad when that great ship went down…

Can you sing along to our Titanic song at home?

Can you post a fact you know about The Titanic?

Miss B

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Let’s search for photos….!


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Our Communication Assembly to Year 1

On Thursday 19th October, Year 2 invited Year 1 into the hall to communicate our recent topic, ‘Why were Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus very brave people?’. We shared lots of facts about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus, explaining about their lives and why they are remembered today. We also taught Year 1 some of the words to our explorers song. Year 1 could answer our questions at the end of the assembly so we think our communication was a great success!

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To sink or not to sink? That is the question!

Will my boat float or sink? on PhotoPeach

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Model Making!

Model making! on PhotoPeach

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What does freedom look like?

Year 2 write freedom poems for National Poetry Day!

Freedom Poetry on PhotoPeach

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Many marvellous mathematical methods!

Many marvellous methods! on PhotoPeach

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What’s waterproof? (Plus a spot of soap making!)

What’s waterproof? on PhotoPeach

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Climbing Sprite!


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Christopher Columbus!


We have been learning a new song in class based on our topic, explorers. It is a song about Christopher Columbus and we have really enjoyed singing it! Listen and join in at home! I hope you enjoy it!

Miss B:)

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