Welcome to Team 2a!

Link to Scratch!

Blast off! Hi Year 2,

Hover over ‘Blast off!’ above to visit our Scratch project.

This Scratch project can also be found using the link under the Computing tab on the right hand side of this blog page.

Can you access this project at home and practise programming the spaceship?

Miss B

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3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF!

Today, Year 2 had a very special visitor from an astronaut named Mr B! He told us lots of great stories and exciting facts about the space race and life on the moon.

What was your favourite part of his visit?
What skills do you think an astronaut must have?

Miss B.

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We are masters of e-safety!

Our Digital Code!

Year 2 have been investigating what it means to act safetly online. We have made posters to share our school’s digital code. This is: ZIP IT! (do not share your personal information), BlOCK IT (block someone if they are sending nasty messages to you) and FLAG IT! (tell an adult about what has happened).

Here is a link to Hector’s World. Hector and his friends are learning how to use the computer safely, just like us!

Miss B.

Hector’s World

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September Smiles!

We’ve had a great first week in Year 2. Here are our lovely smiles to prove it!

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The Wondrous World of YOU!!

This week Year 2 children have been reading a book called ‘The Wondrous World of Sam,’ a text based on my 3 year old nephew, Sam Bergin!

Click on the link below to make your ‘Wondrous World of….’ story.

I look forward to sharing your unique stories in class!

Make your own story…

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